"Book Preview" Britannia Bridge Anglesey

The Home to Sea Fishing in Wales



How To Get There


Take the first left after the bridge, onto the A4080. After 100 yards turn left, go under the bridge to the church car park.

Now go through the graveyard and you will appear just to the right of the bridge

Grid Ref SH 537712


How To Fish


This venue is best fished 2 hrs each side of low water. Fishing near the bridge is very snaggy but is good fishing. Medium casts will produce Codling and Coalies to crab and worm baits. Shorter casts can bring Bass to crab and Conger to large fish baits.

Fishing by the monument will bring the normal Dogfish plus Codling and the odd Bass, Coalie and Whiting.

The bay to the right of the monument is not as rough and snaggy. Here you will stand a better chance of Dabs and Plaice to worm baits, plus Whiting, Pouting and the odd Codling.

Peeler crab outshines other baits for the Codling.

Due to this area being very rocky, and having an extremely strong current, tackle losses can be high, but there are plenty of good fish caught from here every year.





1 Suitable for disabled person.

2 A short walk over light terrain.

3 Lengthy or strenuous walk over medium terrain.

4 Lengthy walk over medium terrain with scramble to fishing platform.

5 Lengthy strenuous walk with scramble to fishing platform.




1 Promenade or pier.

2 Shingle or sand.

3 Boulders or stones and possibly slippery.

4 Comfortable rock platform.

5 Uncomfortable rock platform.




Parking and Walking .….Parking is easy and just a short walk.

Summer Species………..Dogfish, dabs, Plaice, Codling, Bass, Conger, Whiting.

Winter Species………….Dogfish, Whiting, Dabs, Codling, Coalies, Conger, Bass.

Best Months…………....Oct - Jan

Rigs ……………………Pennel pulley rotten bottom 3/0, 3 hook clip down size 1/0.

Best Baits……….….........Lugworm, rag worm, peeler crab, mackerel.


A very strong tidal run here and plenty of weed.


Access 2 Comfort 3


Fishing Map

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